Revitalize your skin with dermaplaning treatments! This treatment offers instant skin brightening and rejuvenation without any downtime. It also enhances the results of facials, peels, and other aesthetic procedures as it allows deeper penetration of the product.

Our experienced aesthetics team has extensive training in this treatment and will deliver results! Call us for more information or book your appointment online.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a professional exfoliation treatment that gently removes facial hair and rids of any build-up of dead skin cells. By removing the top layer of skin, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes which improves your complexion. Dermaplaning is sometimes referred to as microplaning or blading and is performed with a surgical-grade scalpel by a qualified provider.

What Happens During Dermaplaning Treatment?

We always start our treatments with a consultation to discuss your skin goals and perform a thorough skin evaluation. We will then start the treatment by cleansing and prepping your skin. From there, we will use a sterile blade to carefully scrape away the top layers of skin, revealing the healthier, fresher layers underneath. These simple treatments usually take 15-20 minutes.

What Are The Benefits of Dermaplaning & is it Safe?

Dermaplaning has many benefits due to removing dead skin layers. Some of which include:

  • Improves sun damage
  • Smooths wrinkles
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Unclogs pores
  • Brightens dull skin

Dermaplaning treatment is a safe and low-risk procedure that doesn’t require any downtime. Some side effects you may experience are mild redness which will resolve within two to three days. We recommend avoiding direct sun exposure after treatment and highly recommend wearing plenty of sunscreen when outside to decrease your chances of further side effects.

Is Dermaplaning Right For me?

Dermaplaning is a convenient procedure that doesn’t take very much time, making it an excellent option for most adults. You can have this treatment done during your lunch break or right after work before your dinner plans. It can be done on any skin type and is safe during pregnancy, unlike most other treatments.

If dark spots or fine lines are making you feel like you don’t look your best, call The Aesthetic Room by Damore Dentistry to make an appointment today, or book online.

How Long Will Results Last?

Immediately after your treatment, you’ll notice that your skin looks brighter and less dull. Your skin will also be softer and smoother and usually lasts about three weeks. We recommend having monthly dermaplaning treatments to help keep your skin looking healthy and rejuvenated!